Try This! A Compound Set That Will Have Your Shoulders Screaming

Compound sets are a great way to add extra volume into your training while simultaneously increasing work capacity.

By performing two exercises, in succession, with little to no rest period, you’re inducing further stress on the tissues to maximize muscle tension. Also worth mentioning is how pairing exercises can be extremely time efficient when the average person has 45 minutes to an hour to exercise.

Give this exercise pairing a go on your next upper body or shoulder day.

Exercise 1: Rear Delt Row

Coaching Points: read more

It Took Me Years To Get My First Bodyweight Pull-Up; Use These 3 Drills To Finally Get Yours

Once upon a time I was a skinny gym rat with the aspirations of a competitive bodybuilder.

Fast forward a a few years and I still struggled to master my pull-up technique. I tried every routine possible for back training and spent more time on the assisted pull-up machine than I care to admit.

It was a lot. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Especially when I was in full comparison mode trying to explain why my friends could do them seemingly with little to no effort.

Practicing pull-ups was certainly a good start. And as I say for most of my beginner clients…practice, practice, and practice some more. Quality technique takes YEARS to master. read more

Month in Review (October)

Another month, another monthly review! October has flown by, as I certainly say about most months, but when you enjoy what you do the time really does pass you by. It’s been a solid month of coaching, learning, and reflecting. I’m excited to share some new information that I think will add significant value to your life.

Let’s dive in…

Eugene Teo, Personal Trainer & Founder of Ganbaru Method

The first tip of the cap goes to my guy Eugene Teo who is a personal trainer and founder of the Ganbaru Method. A native to Melbourne, Australia, Eugene is one of the foremost thinkers on exercise as it relates to biomechanics and muscle building. I’ve been following along his journey for the past 2 years and finally decided to enroll in his mobile app. read more

Tired of Gymtimidation? Follow These 4 Guidelines To Eliminate Your Fears of Going To The Gym

The first time going to a public gym can be a tall order.

I remember my first time…

It was a World Gym in Milford, Massachusetts. Real rugged kind of place. There was a whole lot of muscle packed into that small building next door to a K-Mart.

Anyways, starting my fitness journey was an emotional experience. As I’m sure it will be for you. It takes persistence and the acceptance that you will suck at it before it gets any better.

Such is life. You can never be good at anything without being a novice first. The sooner you realize that, the faster you can start moving in a positive direction. read more

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