Monthly Review

Monthly Review (November)

November has been another great month for training, learning, and growing. Sprinkle in Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah this week and I’m feeling full and grateful for the things going well in my life.

I have a nice laundry list of content to share with you from this month. Some fitness related and some completely irrelevant. I’ll let you decide which is more important.

I’ll lead with the some fitness first because, after all, this is a fitness blog.

At Home Exercise: Hack Squat

So I recently purchase these squat wedges from Prime Fitness. They are an exceptional tool for a trainer because it allows for exercise modifications. They can help me bridge the gap with clients and modify lower body movements like the squat and lunge patterns according to morphological differences. This will then help me coach to more quad dominant exercises with more forward knee travel…blah blah blah. read more

Month in Review (September)

Every month I’m going to share with you some of the latest content that I found to be educational and practical. Fitness, health and everything in between. There is such a large pool of excellent coaches out there. I hope to connect you with some people that you may learn something from.


6 Rules for Guaranteed Bigger Calves, Andrew Coates (T-Nation)

Photo Credit: T-Nation

This is a fantastic article on calf training written by Andrew Coates. Andrew is quickly becoming one of my favorite fitness personalities due in part to his practical training advice and expert communication skills. I look up to him for his commitment to personal training and his unique ability to bring sustainable results to his clients. If you have skinny calves like me, I have no doubt that you’ll find this article useful.
read more