Month in Review (October)

Another month, another monthly review! October has flown by, as I certainly say about most months, but when you enjoy what you do the time really does pass you by. It’s been a solid month of coaching, learning, and reflecting. I’m excited to share some new information that I think will add significant value to your life.

Let’s dive in…

Eugene Teo, Personal Trainer & Founder of Ganbaru Method

The first tip of the cap goes to my guy Eugene Teo who is a personal trainer and founder of the Ganbaru Method. A native to Melbourne, Australia, Eugene is one of the foremost thinkers on exercise as it relates to biomechanics and muscle building. I’ve been following along his journey for the past 2 years and finally decided to enroll in his mobile app.

This app is chalked full of workout programs, modules for learning, and even a nutrition calculator to support your goals. I’m very impressed with it and I think you will be too. I’m currently wrapping up the first phase of the Advanced Powerbuilding Program and absolutely loving it.

Check out his content. Youtube and Instagram are his main efforts that are free. Really valuable information. Not to mention, he’s a super cool dude.

Lives Of The Stoics, Ryan Holiday

I just finished reading Ryan’s 2020 release, Lives of the Stoics. It has been sitting on my bookshelf for awhile after reading the first few chapters in early 2020. I finally got around to finishing it, so get off me

This is one of those books that you can easily skip around through. It is a perfect historical account of the teachings of Stoicism brought to life through the individuals that made it. Accounts from Zeno to the Philosopher King, Marcus Aurelius are discussed in detail.

If you’re not familiar with Stoicism, I strongly encourage you to check out more of Ryan’s work. He has a great trilogy of books dedicated to these topics. Stoicism, at its core, is a quest for virtue and living a good life. It’s a daily practice that requires introspective thinking and a commitment to becoming the best version of ourselves. Something we can all use some more of on a regular basis.

Ryan just released his new book, Courage is Calling and publishes more content on his website The Daily Stoic.

Mind Pump Podcast

If you like Fitness, Health and hilarious banter then go check out the Mind Pump Podcast. I’ve been listening to these guys for 4+ years now and I’m so happy for their continued growth.

The MP crew presents the most authentic, balanced fitness information that you will find anywhere. They have TONS of free resources on top of their podcast which has over 1,600 episodes of pure gold.

I really I don’t need to sell this any further. They have been so valuable to me both as a trainer and fitness enthusiast. I hope you can share in my love for them.

Exercise Spotlight: 45 Degree Back Extension (At Home)

Lastly, I have a brand new exercise for you to try in your training. Well, not brand new. This exercise is quite common. But the at-home setup is what makes this particularly unique.

Anywhoo, you can see from the video how I setup the exercise inside the squat rack. If you’re at the gym, odds are there is a back extension machine that will be suitable. But for the rest of ya, give this variation a go!

That’s it for this month!

I’ll be trying to squeeze these posts in bi-weekly instead of monthly so stay tuned for more content.

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