My 10 Commandments Of Training

1. Train your legs. Upper body is cool but legs are cooler.  
2. Pull twice as much as you push. 
3. Don’t train through pain. Don’t be a hero. All workouts can be modified according to your needs.  
4. No whining or complaining unless it’s during Bulgarian Split Squats, those do SUCK. 
5. Be humble. Proper technique is far more important than the weight you think you can lift.  
6. Keep an open-mind. This goes both ways. There’s just as much learning from the trainer that the trainer learns from the client.  
7. There is no substitute for hard work. I can show you the way but only you can take action. 
8. There’s a reason the exercises that are hard are the ones we consistently do. Buckle up. 
9. Don’t neglect the small things; they matter.  
10. Fitness is not a quick fix or short-term solution. It’s a lifestyle. 

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