6 Ways To Maintain Your Fitness Over The Holidays

Ahhh…Yes. The inevitable stretch run of holidays that usually starts at Halloween (if you count that as a holiday) straight through to the new year.

Although I’ll argue that this is the best time of year, it can also be rife with anxiety and concern surrounding your health.

Candy at Halloween, Mom’s renown pumpkin pie, Aunt Becky’s Christmas cookies has my waistline absolutely furious. There certainly won’t be a lack of delicious treats vying for your attention.


And, honestly, I see nothing wrong with some indulging over the holidays. It’s only natural. If you’re anything like myself, however, you might want to maintain some sembelence of fitness without having to miss out on these holiday favorites. read more

Monthly Review (November)

November has been another great month for training, learning, and growing. Sprinkle in Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah this week and I’m feeling full and grateful for the things going well in my life.

I have a nice laundry list of content to share with you from this month. Some fitness related and some completely irrelevant. I’ll let you decide which is more important.

I’ll lead with the some fitness first because, after all, this is a fitness blog.

At Home Exercise: Hack Squat

So I recently purchase these squat wedges from Prime Fitness. They are an exceptional tool for a trainer because it allows for exercise modifications. They can help me bridge the gap with clients and modify lower body movements like the squat and lunge patterns according to morphological differences. This will then help me coach to more quad dominant exercises with more forward knee travel…blah blah blah. read more

Month in Review (October)

Another month, another monthly review! October has flown by, as I certainly say about most months, but when you enjoy what you do the time really does pass you by. It’s been a solid month of coaching, learning, and reflecting. I’m excited to share some new information that I think will add significant value to your life.

Let’s dive in…

Eugene Teo, Personal Trainer & Founder of Ganbaru Method

The first tip of the cap goes to my guy Eugene Teo who is a personal trainer and founder of the Ganbaru Method. A native to Melbourne, Australia, Eugene is one of the foremost thinkers on exercise as it relates to biomechanics and muscle building. I’ve been following along his journey for the past 2 years and finally decided to enroll in his mobile app. read more