Try This! A Compound Set That Will Have Your Shoulders Screaming

Compound sets are a great way to add extra volume into your training while simultaneously increasing work capacity.

By performing two exercises, in succession, with little to no rest period, you’re inducing further stress on the tissues to maximize muscle tension. Also worth mentioning is how pairing exercises can be extremely time efficient when the average person has 45 minutes to an hour to exercise.

Give this exercise pairing a go on your next upper body or shoulder day.

Exercise 1: Rear Delt Row

Coaching Points:

  1. This row variation is heavily dependent on elbow positioning. In order to bias the muscles of the rear delts you want to angle the elbows roughly 45 degrees off the body.
  2. Pay close attention to your form. Here, as I demonstrate, there is a higher degree of upper back involvement than I would like. Focus on pinning the elbows back instead of pulling with your arms.

Exercise 2: Suspension Trainer “Y” Raise

Coaching Points:

  1. Choose a more upright angle with the suspension trainer. Foot position is either from the heels or feet flat.
  2. There should be constant tension on the TRX throughout the movement. Meaning, you can’t and shouldn’t use momentum to swing your body upright. Use your upper back to initiate the pull overhead to create the “Y” position.

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