Month in Review (September)

Every month I’m going to share with you some of the latest content that I found to be educational and practical. Fitness, health and everything in between. There is such a large pool of excellent coaches out there. I hope to connect you with some people that you may learn something from.


6 Rules for Guaranteed Bigger Calves, Andrew Coates (T-Nation)

Photo Credit: T-Nation

This is a fantastic article on calf training written by Andrew Coates. Andrew is quickly becoming one of my favorite fitness personalities due in part to his practical training advice and expert communication skills. I look up to him for his commitment to personal training and his unique ability to bring sustainable results to his clients. If you have skinny calves like me, I have no doubt that you’ll find this article useful.

Tribes, Seth Godin

I’m currently finishing up Tribes from Seth Godin. This is a very short read yet jam packed with useful information about building your community. Seth does an exceptional job portraying the current landscape and how the true leaders are “heretics” in a system filled with followers. If you’re into marketing, branding or just genuinely curious about what it takes to build a tribe then get yourself a copy.

Must Follow: Jordan Syatt

Jordan may be one the most influential people in the fitness industry today. With over a decade of experience working with some of the worlds top professionals he has curated a community of fitness enthusiasts. He is charismatic, down to earth and chalked full of sustainable information. His free posts are worth their weight in gold. He also offers a chance to train with him in his inner circle app that I’ll link here.

That’s enough to digest for this past week. Check out the resources, seriously. You will not be disappointed.

Until next time!

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